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UPDATE:  This mobile bookstore is being restructured and notice will be placed HERE when it is operating again. Thank you!

NO ‘PURCHASE’ – just product for your donation, your choice: Books and CD’s for all ages; Paparazzi Jewelry = RINGS + full jewelry sets for each $5 donation!; specialty teas; and the famous spiritual greeting cards from Keeper Collection Gift Cards – the collectible card that’s a gift in itself because of its perpetual inspirational poem and art making it truly a ‘KEEPER’; and more! Come see what your donation receives and what wondrous joy you would so easily bestow upon our little village of Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa . . . only $10 secures a bag of cement to start the school buildings and impart much HOPE.

  STOP & SHOP – and watch us grow!

NOTE:  The ultimate purpose of Spirit Wine Mobile Bookstore is for the beneficent  support of Christ’s Child Care Foundation in Fumbisi, Ghana, West AfricaRead MORE here.


(PHOTO:  Christ’s Child Care Foundation founder, Maria, teaching the girls school first choir in Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa, 2021)

See Maria’s gallery of delightful photos, from ‘in the beginning’ of her mission to reach out in every way possible to the destitute children of her chieftain father’s village. Having been born in Vienna, Austria, while her father studied agriculture to take back to the village, at a very young age of16 she visited her father in Fumbisi and a seed of compassion for the children was planted.  She knew it had been by the Grace of God she had not been born there to its poverty and for just the purpose of preparing her for this worthy assignment . . . on Earth as it is in heaven. 

Maria has labored long and hard toward her mission’s goal and, having covered all the bases stateside, she left Vienna behind for Accra on November 12, 2021, and now left Accra behind February 1, 2022, to permanently establish herself in the village of Fumbisi. We NEED your help – prayers and finances – to keep this worthy project moving forward! Thank you, and God bless your compassion and cooperation toward His little children.

(You can read OUR story here.)


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