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Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$2,500Raised $175 towards the $2,500 target.$175Raised $175 towards the $2,500 target.7%June 6, 2021:   Our first priority is to get our 501(c)3 status so we are able boost our ministry powers. 

Our ‘meantime’ priority is to help Maria build a delightful house for the girls of her girls school in Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa.  See her vision here. 

We will gratefully accept the donation of an attorney’s assistance in the filing of our non-profit status; our Articles are ready to go and WE are ready  to get that house and clinic built! Let’s get that legality out of the way so all your donations will be tax deductible, whether to printing/mailings to prisons, hospitals, or nursing/retirement homes or to other ministries such as Christs Child Care.

We start NOW.    
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