Christs Child Care – Fumbisi Progress Report

~ Acts Of Kindness In the Name of Christ ~

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Progress Report: June 14, 2021

This just in from Maria:  (in 2 pics; click to enlarge)


Progress Report: June 6, 2021   

Acts of Kindness In the Name of Christ (AOK) and Christs Child Care (CCC) reunites with invigorated purpose and commitment.  After having to ‘work out their own salvation’ by going their separate ways for a few years, God has reunited these ‘sisters’ with a stronger force at their beckon.   We look forward to embracing as partners all who recognize this venture as divine and commit to aiding in its perpetual fruition. 

How can one deny their help after viewing the children once so desperate for simple daily things and now, after Maria’s diligent efforts, are happily receiving those simple things taken so for granted  elsewhere.  Does that mean it is over and financial assistance can STOP!?  Absolutely not . . . the struggle is paramount and ongoing!  Now that you have seen the power wielded by our dedicated Maria and her assistants, it should inspire to give MORE and continually, for the work that can continue to be accomplished moving forward in her work. (Renew yourself with her vision.)

If you are reading this, then you have a benefactor mindset and KNOW the Truth about giving freely  . . . thereby lay our confidence in you.  


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