Haiku E-Postcards

Spiritual Haiku are a form of poetry giving a message or story, in three lines of 5-7-5 or 7-5-7 syllables per line and, in this case, set up to spiritually encourage and inspire one to contemplate deeply and rediscover that which was initially written upon the soul.

Just as the ‘Reflective Riddles’ are gifted in Principle, from ‘the One in Whom we have our being’ and beginning when we were just an idea, the Truths these ‘riddles’ carry were stolen over the Ages – by those who would control – and now can be reclaimed. As one contemplates their meanings, the soul is freed once again to communicate directly with its entity – the physical body and mind; GOD is let out of the ‘box!’

For an even greater challenge, when the riddle is understood, find the scripture(s) that goes with it . . . grab these special cards by the sets and make it a fun part of your Bible Study!

Have a very blessed journey!      Vivika-Qi (c) 6/1/15

Spiritual Haiku E-PostCards:

 (Watch for a NEW one each month!)














































































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