Your Dream . . .

“Write the Vision . . ,” God tells us in Habakkuk 2:2 & Isaiah 30:8.

I have practiced this for many years, since I found and understood it, and it has never let me down. Some happening immediately and some took (still taking) time. But I have come to recognize it as a  vital Principle of God; a ‘principle’ cannot fail in one iota.

What I also recognized, however, was that it turned out that the fruition of the vision – ‘success’ – had not been God’s goal in our vision, since He already knew of its success, but that the journey had brought about the paradigm shift in my ‘success’ thought process. It restored His Intended Plan for our ready abundance of everything, set into place as He looked upon this planet and said in Genesis, “It is VERY GOOD!”

One can imagine the fullness of heart in this loving Father, as He provided all that we would ever need or want in an infallible Law.  There could be  no ‘respecter of person’ within these Principles, for they are as free to all as is the air He provided.

I have placed here the writing by Eric Butterworth which says it very clearly and hope you will find inspiration and strength to begin immediately to ‘bring your thoughts into captivity’¹ and swing them once again to those thoughts that would grasp and employ the many Principles that have been ours – His Gifts to us – since the beginning of time. 

Abundant blessings to you all!  LadyJaye  1/26/2015

¹ II Corinthians 10:5 KJV

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Your Possible Dream

“To dream the impossible dream.” This is a lovely line from one of my favorite songs. An inspiring and hopeful thought, it points to the importance of having lofty goals to keep us keeping-on. “The impossible dream” becomes a veritable blueprint for accomplishment, as we discover our own inherent Divine Potential.

One of Jesus’ great statements is, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” [Matthew 5:48] It’s a great idea that has profound implications, which are rarely caught. As we discover more and more of our Divine Potential, we realize that Jesus did what he did because he transcended the impossible, and touched that Dimension of Life where all things are possible. And, it was to this dimension within each of us that he pointed when he said, “…the works that I do shall he [you] do also….” [John 14:12, KJV]

In other words, [you can do these things] if you can believe in the Transcendent Nature within you, and if you can dream lofty dreams and believe that they can be made real. Jesus, you see, discovered and demonstrated Divine Law, revealing the Divine Potential within all persons…not just in himself. Unfortunately, this has been a totally neglected part of Christianity, which, thus, has dealt with Jesus pretty much as an exercise in piety.

When a person is mired in the “I can’t consciousness,” stuck in the “bogs of uncertainty and dependency,” to dream even the impossible dream is good. At least, such an individual begins to look up. It is shocking how many psychological and spiritual dropouts there are in life. People who plod along in their jobs and in their marriage, conforming to all which the established society expects of them, but really have given up all hope of betterment, of change, of healing, of opportunity, and of love, these are people who have “No hope!” written all over their faces and “I can’t!” implied or stated in all their actions and conversations.

Do you remember the Biblical story of the wandering tribes of Israel, making their way out of captivity in Egypt and their “Promised Land”? After a journey of a few months, the “Land” was approached. Scouts were sent out to bring back a description of the area they were about to enter, and of its inhabitants. They returned with the report that the Land was, indeed, flowing with milk and honey.

However, ten of the twelve scouts were obsessed with only the impossible, and they said, “And there we saw the giants,…and we were in our sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” [Numbers 13:33] In their “grasshopper consciousness,” they felt that it was an impossible situation. Two of the scouts, on the other hand, Joshua and Caleb, caught the possible dream—the dream of their leader, Moses. They did not agree with the pessimistic evaluation, and they said, “Let us go at once, and possess it, for we are well able to overcome it.” [Numbers 13:30] It has always been people such as Moses and Joshua and Caleb who have spearheaded progress for the race of man.

We all have, in our daily lives, those things that seem beyond solution—wants that we cannot satisfy, weaknesses that we cannot master, hurts and ills that cannot be healed, conflicts that, seemingly, we cannot harmonize. And yet, we all long have been able to overcome the “giants” that seem to stand between us and our own personal “Promised Land.”

Walt Whitman, one of the most hopeful of poets, wrote the words: “Oh, while I live to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror. And nothing exterior shall ever take command of me.” Well, after forty years in the wilderness, the Israelites did follow the guidance of Joshua and Caleb, who refused to be cowed by the giants of impossibility—they overtook the Amorites, their enemy giants.

The Israelites had become a people who had absolute conviction that they were invincible—a conviction that came to them because they believed that God was with them. And consequently, the giants lost their power over them. The great idea is that this Power of Transcendence is within every person. It is within you, irrespective of the “giants” without, in the world. It is within each one of us. We are simply not aware of it, that’s all. It is tremendously exciting for me to know the great overcoming in the life of any person, a person who has been dragging along through life with Infinite Capacity quite dormant within—one who suddenly catches the “Don Quixote Spirit of the Possible Dream.”

First, this is little more than allure, and it grows into a conviction, becoming a “possible dream,” then a “probable unfoldment.”  Looking back on your life, just try to recall those things for which you had hoped and dreamed. It is a great tragedy that so many of our dreams die within us, because they are our very lifeblood. The real test of character, the real glory of any life, comes not from the things we command, but from the things we reverence—not so much from what we have, but from what we love, not from what we disdain, but from what we look up to.

If you really want to know what is wrong with your life, test yourself. Write down all that you are dreaming about, all that you are hoping for, all that you are reaching up to. Outline your vision for yourself and for the rest of the world…and be honest. At the completion of this list, you will hold a measure of your life. You may very well discover yearnings you had long forgotten. You may see how narrow has become your scope of aspiration.

At your first attempt to write down your dreams and visions, you may find that you do not really have any…and the question is, “Why not?” As the poet, Robert Browning says, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, else what’s a Heaven for?” But, as you continue to probe and to delve, you come up with all sorts of visions and intentions, which you have had at one time, but which you have let slip from your consciousness.

The stature of a person is always indicated by the breadth and the depth of his or her dreams. Your basic desires or dreams in life are the profits and the precursors of your future achievements. This is what you can be. This is your ultimate. They indicate the potential of readiness to express. Emerson says of this, “No hope so bright, but in it is the beginning of its own fulfillment.” Aspiration, ambition, the longings of the heart, all these start with desire, which has a Cosmic origin.

And, of these aspirations and dreams, there are two kinds. The first is, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…but of course, it’s impossible.” The second is, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…and why not! There must be a way. It can be done…and I will do it!” And you must have faith that your dream can be made real, as your dream is actually a reality right from the start, and requires only your final acceptance of it.

Look up, look away from the swamp of limitation and behold the greater possibilities of Life. Look up and let your mind reach up to the highest peaks, for whatever you can conceive in the imaging faculty of your mind, you have the potential to realize and to experience. And that’s a marvelous thing to know!

Out of the Second World War, comes this heartwarming story. Battle injuries had rendered a soldier totally blind. He was sent from one medical facility to another for examination, but there always came back the sad evaluation that he would never see again, that his eyes were gone forever—a sad thing for a young man in his prime.

And yet, the youth had a dream of healing. He just knew that his eyes would be healed and he would see again, through a Power greater than that of man and his scientific knowledge. In a sense, he was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…and why not! I’m a child of God and there’s one great Universal Life that runs in and through all things, and which wills only Wholeness.” And in the last hospital he was sent to, with all hope seemingly gone, he was visiting in his room with his sweetheart, a woman he had met after his sight was gone.

In the adjoining room, his mother was consulting with the physician, who had all his records and reports. Just as the mother was hearing from the doctor a final judgment of permanent blindness, she heard her son exclaim to his fiancée, coming from the other room, “Why, you’re beautiful! I just knew it all the time! Your eyes are so blue, and what a pretty shade that dress is.” Yes, he was indeed seeing for the first time!

This was a beautiful thing, seeing…not dimly, not slowly, but suddenly, fully, and completely! Something within him had overturned all the verdicts, based on the material evidence, and had done that which, to all available medical facts, could not be done. He had “dreamed the impossible dream!” But to him, it had become a possible dream, which then had become a reality.

So we say to you today: Dare to dream! Dare to see your dream as real and true. And in time, with patience, and with love, and through the Power of the Infinite Process that works within us all, you will see that dream come forth into manifestation!

© Eric Butterworth

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