Car Ingman


Car is a man who has been led all his life “unto the Truth of Higher Knowing” for All.  He has been gaining “Knowledge of the True Meaning of Existence on Earth” for 72 yrs. and has been giving it to others, always, FREELY throughout his entire life.
     Since he was 5 yrs. of age, going to kindergarten & Sunday School, he always felt that there was “much more to know” than what the simple teachings of these classes were attempting to tell little children who are just arriving at the age of an ability to reason (the ability to think about what you learn & draw conclusions). For most kids this was merely a process of listening to the teacher & accepting what they heard.
     But for Car, he felt, even then, that there was a whole lot more that he wanted to have explained to him. He always wanted to know “Why are we here on Earth” -and- “What is life all about”? Mostly when he was in Sunday School, the desire to know the answers to these two questions arose in his mind regularly.
A true ‘watchman of the planet’ you’ll want to read the rest of his story and his fascinating FREE e-books.

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