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   ~ Our Story ~

In 2003 Vienna, on a European mission trip with my church, I met the most amazing young lady, named Maria, who was the secretarial support for the international church in which we were based. As we got to know each other, I learned of her childhood story and the resulting vision of returning to her chieftain father’s village in Ghana, to build a school and to teach all the less fortunate children . . . most especially about Christ! With my knowledge and skill of
grant-writing, we joined forces and made her vision OFFICIAL,
fueling her drive to move forward. As our lives went in their own directions, we lost touch with each other, yet always on each
other’s minds and prayers.

Leap forward to winter 2020 during lockdown at my senior complex in Louisiana:

As my own ministry of writing and creating ‘spiritual greeting cards for collecting’ evolved, it came to a point that I seemed to need a specific direction for it all – and I continued to wonder ‘where is Maria’? Only a couple days after deep meditation on that question, I received an email with only the words: “LadyJaye, where are you?” I sat there and stared unbelievingly at this very obvious answer to prayer and cried my eyes out! Those tears flowed as we reunited and caught up with each other’s lives, finding out she had continued in baby steps on her vision, adopted a child from that village, and went on to get three college degrees of which were specifically designed to aid her in full-time ministry to ‘her children of Africa.’  WHY IS THAT SO GREAT, you ask? Well, because she was long ago told she could never go to school, let alone college, let alone work her vision, let alone . . . because she had dyslexia! Hahaha! Never say ‘NEVER’ to a woman on a mission sent by God Himself!

Please read the whole story on both Maria’s website and mine (AOK – It’s Roots, below), and you will come to understand the ‘why’ of my dedication to her vision. I am 75 and physically unable to be present to help her and to hug all those children, so I do what I can stateside. She is fulltime in Ghana now, serving two locations for the endangered children from both the village of Fumbisi and the streets of Accra. This, she does with her devoted new husband of six years, Marlon, and her now-grown son, Moses, and often giving up their own meals to ensure every child is fed! They have no large organization to help them, but most gratefully a few enlightened individuals and churches doing what they can to help.

Every donated penny goes to feeding and safely housing the children, building the school, dormitory, and the other plans moving slowly but surely along for them. Take time to check out the websites highlighted above to glean the miracles happening in Ghana, West Africa, in the care of my amazing ‘sister,’ Maria, who channels the heart of Christ and the devotion of Mother Teresa!
Will you help? Thank you and God bless!

(AOK – It’s Roots!)

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