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~ Out of our passion for the children, this exciting nonprofit MISSION: AOK, was created for ease of sharing with
the joy of giving ! ~

 Watch the delightful video of the children receiving their brand new shoes…you don’t want to miss it!  Please continue your donations on this (now non-profit) site, for the needs are greater than just shoes. You are blessed in the eyes of the Lord for your caring and giving heart!

Mission: AOK™ supports – most specifically – Christ’s Child Care™ in Ghana, West Africa. You can read ‘Our Story’ in the present, click just below; read our story from the beginning of our relationship in 2003 here; watch its delightful  short video (click on the title); plus, you will find perpetual updates of our involvement and your charitable and caring participation here.  Our first shoe campaign was successfully completed and we are now working on getting computers to the children; they soak up every bit of knowledge Maria can give them, like thirsty little sponges!

Please help Mission: AOK™ on shipping and international tariff/fees for items mailed. There are also costs for printing, facility rental, postage, and other associated items; ‘postage’ includes shipping new books and greeting cards to prisons, nursing homes, and care packages to Christ’s Child Care in Ghana. We appreciate your help with those expenses and for your SALES on this Spirit Wine Publicationshost website .  Thank you!

Other needs for local acts of kindness to be undertaken by
Mission: AOK™ occasionally arise and notices will always
be posted on this page exclusively, providing opportunity
for your gracious involvement. Please DONATE . . . it’s
what we are all about!


  ~ Our Story ~


(AOK – It’s Roots!)

(SHOP – Proceeds go to this cause!)


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