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Christ’s Child Care founder, Maria, and her now-grown adopted son have written this darling book based on how they found each other and the exciting experiences their geographic differences brought about, exposing the Hand of God!
It is available now as a video book, soon to be followed by an e-book. Your $10 donation for this fascinating video booklet – with audio option – is helping the dedicated team of Christ’s Child Care secure provisions for the village children of Fumbisi and the street children of Accra.  Thank you – and ENJOY!




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Short stories that just happen to rhyme; based on the earlier chapter of authors cognizant spiritual journey and newfound gift of poetry; a delightful page-a-day-read, each sandwiched between scripture and prayer.  What God’s done for her, she assures He’ll do for you. Click for SAMPLES page.




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The haunting feeling of knowing you are not portraying your true self and yet not being able to target the uneasiness is quite daunting to so many precious souls making wrong choices inadvertently and consistently. This gem by Vivika-Qi  will help bring those issues to light and leave you ‘skippity-do’ with relief, hope, and inspiration!


A ‘watchman’ for mankind, Car Ingman shares how he broke free of ailments and bodily issues, through his lifelong successful DIY strategies, potions, and methods for healing & maintaining your body!


As ‘watchman’ for not only mankind, Car Ingman shares insightful knowledge of nature and the reality of harmonious energies . . . or lack of!


Vivika-Qi shares long-hidden TRUTHS about the process of death, bringing to light its miraculous wonder: ‘The day of death is greater than the day of birth’!


Car Ingman shares revelations and prophecies found among the teachings and writings from those ‘in the know’ about our planet, universe, and the coming of Christ again.


Once again, our ‘watchman’ Car Ingman, shares his travel discoveries and horrors of the pollution of our planet and rivers, as documented over 30 years of life on a schooner.
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  1. This is an amazing website, it has so many TRUTHS in it, just what we need! And I love your slideshow. I’ll be back!

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