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July 22, 2021:    Vivika-Qi Speaks Up

Benefits of Obstacles:
Those on the sincere spiritual path to right living will come to know the benefit of obstacles. Not for the faint-hearted, obstacles become a vital tool in their approach to soul perfection, no longer just ‘gales of circumstances’ to bemoan and meant to deter but a welcomed friend!

Much is spoken about obstacles, but very little use is made of them. Understanding their purpose and application will infuse JOY into work! Yet as soon as an obstacle appears people begin to think of their sensations, forgetting the advantage which has been created for them; they prefer that everything be done in the usual way, by old and common means.

As we encounter difficulties, our power prowess is strengthened. Just as when a large ship increases its speed, the power of resistance of the waves increases. The mere striving to soul perfection can invoke obstacles for the strengthening of our character and ‘testing’ via the ‘prowess barometer.’ Indeed, when one recognizes the truth in this, they welcome the obstacles as they arrive, seeing them with new ‘eyes of understanding’ as worthy and necessary milestones on their path. These encountered currents, or obstacles, should be strong because then the flame of devotion and persistence is evoked and much progress gained!

When someone is said to be depressed by circumstances, be assured it’s because he was walking in life with an unignited soul and at the encounter his consciousness became confused. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the moment of confusion, yet it poisons all further actions. But when the step is firm, the counterforces – obstacles – are beneficial. It shakes the dust from that one’s life, as one freshens a rug by shaking. From inertia – nothingness and worthlessness – then comes a future constructed of lightnings of realization and a vibrant life force.

Often, we observe the great obstacles and overlook the multitude of small ones on the horizon. But a small scorpion, if unnoticed, strikes just like a large one. An eagle eye is needed, not to discern the mountain, but the small grain of sand. Let us learn to rejoice at obstacles, knowing that the welcomed obstacle turns into a speedy success . . . and this success will be like a net overfilled with its catch.

When the sincere spiritual student is exhorted to ‘Swim!’ it means he must try the ocean . . . its huge waves will exhilarate! Is not the test of strength simply the growth of forces? Boldness is merely the knowledge of the way.

To the common man, only if a person or circumstance is unencumbered is it assumed to be ‘of God’s doing.’ And that which makes us anxious or uncomfortable is considered of the ‘devil.’ Often, indeed it is so; however, it must be remembered that the Divine always rules and that which seems of the ‘devil’ was allowed, even intended, for the Path of Betterment in the evolution of mankind. It is written ‘There are always resistances in sadhana – daily spiritual practices; it is because the world is full of forces that don’t want men to find the Divine. Even the Sages of old times always used to be obstructed and disturbed until they conquered desire, anger and all else and became full of the Divine.’

Be assured that what seems like an obstacle can multiply your resourcefulness tenfold! Adopt the motto that “It’s not a problem but a new project”. . . only a few will learn to rejoice at the need to face and conquer obstacles. Many more yearn to return to the bygone days of half-developed consciousness.

If you must, consider obstacles your enemy and, in doing so, learn to understand its ways. The ‘enemy’ is an unknown quantity in a mathematical problem. But this unknown can be determined using already known facts. Hence, it is possible to take the measure of each detected enemy – obstacle –  and find a solution. Consider precisely your previous experience and the training received from it. The ‘unknown’ must be recognized, conquered, and turned into something familiar – a friend. Fearlessness is not needed against a ‘friend.’  

During this process, observe yourself approaching the quarry fearlessly, calculating carefully each action, like the tiger in stealth. The ‘Great Unknown’ – like an enemy – lures you to victory!

I rejoice if you now understand that obstacles really are prized opportunities. Blessed be the obstacles, which teach unity and resistance!

Just Sayin’. . .

(Read more on ‘obstacles’ and overcoming them in the Agni Yoga.)

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July17, 2021:    Vivika-Qi Speaks Up

I was asked, “Don’t you think God is disappointed in the way the world has become?”

I answer all those who wonder the same: 

Absolutely NOT!  It is going exactly as He has ordained it, no matter what it looks like. While, on the face of society, it appears to have digressed, GOD IS STILL IN IT, and we must recognize our own individual parts playing out amongst it all. 

Initially as a spirit, we desired to take the adventure of a physical kind and found ourselves inhabiting this planet Earth. In our agreement to leave the field of Bliss to enjoy this new venture, we have to ‘work out our own salvation’ – in other words work our way back to Our Great Originating Source, individually and corporately as a race.

Everything transpiring in the world today has our very own footprint on it as we maneuver through the lifetimes grasping at whatever Truths catch up to us to be our ‘breadcrumbs.’  LIKE Hansel and Gretel, we, too, give it as many tries as it takes until the Path becomes straight and clear. ‘God’s Mercies are new each morning’ . . . on purpose! He placed His glorious Principles* to see us to our victories; the challenge has been to recognize them as HELPMATES, not smackdowns, and that it is our ‘free will’ to use them as He intended.

He knew what it would take to get us to return, and it is of that kind who have persevered all obstacles through many lifetimes to do so; the kind that would seal ‘OUR’ COMPANIONSHIP – walking together with Him as beloved companions – for eternity. It is His deep desire for just such a cohesive camaraderie that inspired His permission to let us leave the Field of Bliss in the first place.

Just Sayin’ . . .

(Educate yourself on God’s Principles, Jesus’ Parables – lessons told through stories – laid wide open now because we’ve ‘evolved’ intellectually to understand their pure messages! You can start here: https://amritanicolemarketing.com/youtube/)

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July14, 2021:    Vivika-Qi Speaks Up

When one dedicates their every breath and blink to the visions and whims of God, it comes with a price. I was shown mine quite clearly over the last few weeks, as I totally committed my organization to the benefit of another in West Africa. I would rather keep my personal struggles private but sharing them as an open book is PART of my price . . . for the encouragement to those on the same path. . .  mine is only ONE STORY out of six billion.

I have written previously about SOHAM as the most dynamic process to enlightenment; to being able to see first-hand ‘God’s Will’ for each of us independently and corporately; and for its subtle inner work of removing obstructions and distractions from the aspiring follower, allowing the true potential to more quickly evolve. It is not for the faint of heart but for the sincere and dedicated soul.

Being born second child of eight 70 years ago with an innate joyous spirit which never waned in the throes of life’s mud splatters, I was recently becoming increasingly confused about the growing sense of grief weighing upon my heart. Family matters under control, health abounding, and plans for the newly conjoined ministry were falling into place and being checked off the list of ‘to-dos’ like the domino effect, seeming obviously ordained. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that!  So, why the deeply oppressive grief and emotional quagmire that seemed to cling like a sticky booger?

True to its promise, my Soham meditation over the past few weeks had been exposing character traits I’d thought had been put to rest. Swallowing my pride and sometimes with huffy indignation, I accepted the exposure and worked with their execution as guided, clear to the roots, and watched them disappear. It was an inspiring process, once the pride got out of the way, and I was ready for more, being still a long way from perfection.

What I did not expect, however, was that the clearing out process included those revenges and evil wishes to my unjustified abusers over my lifetime, which I had unknowingly kept on the back burner . . . and it was a very BIG back burner!

In spite of having a pure heart and full of love for not just everyONE, but everyTHING, and being acutely aware of the ‘magic’ in all kingdoms from toddler age, I had lived with a perpetual sense of confusion because I always seemed to be ‘in trouble’ for one reason or another and never really knowing the true reason; it was generally for something I had not done – at least, not intentionally, as I was born a people-pleaser.

Leading the pack chronologically and in potency, as a youth the greatest confusion came through the physical, mental, and spiritual abuse of who was supposed to be my loving mother. That was the chapter that sealed my frustration and confusion for the rest of my life’s decisions, even though my father had moved me out on the sly and ‘for my safety’ at age 16; but I didn’t know that far-reaching effect until an occasion exposed it seventy years later. (Now, don’t be harsh in your thoughts on her, for this confession; if you read on, you’ll understand why.)

On the particular day in which I felt I could take no more from the pressing grief and the battle for emotional composure, I felt compelled to list the circling demonic memories and thoughts. The plan was to print it out and burn it, as counselors often claim is a healing tactic. Until this grief monster had entered my peaceful state of mind, I had been working with great excitement and fervor toward the fruition of the ministry’s goals. I wanted that back and I wanted to know what had brought it on!

As I listed all the heretofore dormant injustices, mockery, and abuses that had floated to the top of the mental images, I thought what a compelling book it would make and subconsciously filed that away for the future. After typing for a couple of hours, I stopped to read over what had been written and the long list became as a long tunnel, funneling me rapidly through lifetimes of chaos! It caught my breath as I recognized I was facing the blaring TRUTH of what had been happening to me!

I was well aware that the planet Earth is the ‘atonement’ planet for some six billion souls to ‘work out their salvation’ and that my presence here also indicated much personal karma to be worked out. I was not an innocent bystander, after all, who had been ‘picked on and bullied’ throughout my lifetime but had been subject to atoning for those past behaviors which had demanded payback. How I responded to those ‘paybacks’ determined if the debt was paid in full or would follow into future lifetimes. I had responded as a victim and with unforgiveness.

Let me state here that ‘karma’ – reaping what you sow – is not about trivialities such as name-calling or cussing – those behaviors have their day in court, of course – but atonements are the heavier price to pay for injustices done to the soul. If my words frighten you, for your own memories, do what you can to apologize and vow never to repeat that behavior . . . your actions and sincerity can diminish your karmic damage.

As I retrieved my breath and looked again at the ‘tunnel’ of injustices and, like a mirror of those listed grievances, I was able to see into the eons what a ghastly unsavory creature I had been, even in the evolution of becoming a more quality human being. Ignorant of those Truths that would free me to be who I was intended to be, for lifetimes I had racked up a sizeable stack of atonements. The gracious person I am in the present comes from the most recent lifetimes of gradual enlightenment . . . but karma does not forget, the debt has to be paid, and it had obviously been catching up with me. 

My most curious and in most need of forgiveness, then, was that of what my behavior had obviously been in a previous lifetime – or several! – to the one who had wanted to be my mother in this lifetime but couldn’t get past her own need for vengeance, unaware that she was fueling her own karma. She will come to understand, like all of us in our own time, and then we can have another lifetime and fill it with great companionship and joy.

And at that exact point of my realization, understanding, and forgiveness, my computer crashed and the entire yet-unsaved document disappeared! It was completely non-existent, not in the ‘cloud’ or anywhere on the entire PC.  I was aghast but for just a moment, until I saw clearly that God had burned that letter for me!

In the forward movement of this worthy project by His two doting daughters, He needed me to be CLEAN and FREE, in mind, heart, and spirit . . . I ‘saw’ who I truly was and saw the scraping away of all that would distract and obstruct the Path He’d made so clearly for me.

I sensed His lovingly stern Words come to my heart, “Absolutely NONE of this matters, from here on out.”

I started laughing for the freedom and relief and realized the tremendous pressure of grief had been whisked away at His Words! As for the tunnel, it had found its way to my soul in the meantime and had been discarded with all other scrapings.  I was also filled with a great sense of responsibility to maintain that cleansing; as anything that has been discarded in His magnanimous gesture tries to return, or new ‘lies’ come my way, I need only remember His Words: “Absolutely NONE of this matters . . .!”

I’ve seen His Straight Path for us to the fruition of the ministry in West Africa, and beyond. His gift of SOHAM is True.

Just Sayin’ . . .

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June 21, 2021:    Vivika-Qi Speaks Up

Tired, Tested, and True Ones:
There is a Word. The one ‘WORD,’ spoken of in the Holy Bible and other creeds, that was ‘with God’ ‘in the beginning.’  That Word is SOHAM.  A Sanskrit word pronounced correctly by the Essenes, as ‘So-Hum,’ it carries the power you have been seeking for assistance in your podvig – spiritual walk – and accelerates your transition from the guttural ways of mankind to the ‘perfection’ innate within each soul. The goal of and through that transitional journey – back to our Source – is the entire purpose for our existence in this physical form. Through proper usage of this word, much soulical progress can be made in one lifetime which would normally take many lifetimes.

If your spirit tingles with delight at these words, it stands that you already know the Truth of it even as it reaches for a hand up from what seems the pits of hell or from beneath the debris of lifetimes of ignorance. Your treasure and source of happiness is within you, only you have forgotten where you have hidden it.  Be of great courage and faint not, for the gain is as unspeakable as would be the loss.

Do your own research on SOHAM YOGA; putting this into practice will bring confirmations the skeptic in you may require. For now, here is a snapshot to get you started: SOHAM is the mantra (words of registered power in all kingdoms) to end all mantras. It is the only one needed, for it is the manifesting and perfecting mantra which was used by God Himself throughout creation . . . indeed, IS ‘God.’ It is the first Word He spoke, as He stood in the form of a person on the edge of an empty cosmos and envisioned our universe. It’s meaning – “I AM” and “I AM THAT” – incorporates all God was, is, and ever will be . . . unfathomable.

Other mantras, using repetitive words giving power to change specific character traits or other material matters, deal mainly with the physical and are temporal, while the SOHAM mantra deals directly with the SELF, the soul, and all things of God’s realm of divinity . . . you might say, ‘it cuts to the chase!’  When one is able to enhance their subtle knowledge and change their ways accordingly, all other ‘matters’ simply fall into their proper place.

There is a specific process to using the word SOHAM (So-Hum) to secure the advantage of its power. In your research, you will discover the TWO ‘creative elements’ which led to and maintains our existence:  the BREATH and the Word SOHAM.

The first portion of the word, ‘SO’, is to be silently pronounced with the inhalation of the breath; the second portion ‘HAM’ (HUM), is silently pronounced with the exhalation of the breath.

Keep that in mind, whether you are in deep breathing or happen to be gasping. The biggest leaps are made through the peaceful and almost silent breathing which comes from deep meditation or calm.

NOTE: ‘Breathing’ is always practiced through the nose.

Whatever your deep-seated purpose or goal in that moment of time in which you are silently using the Soham will be achieved; albeit in its perfect timing, SUCCESS ALWAYS FOLLOWS.  The mantra is NOT valuable or productive when put to selfish use; yet, with proper intent and sincerity, it will eliminate distractions which inhibit the flow of ‘your heart’s desires’;  you MUST keep only the breath and the inner sound of SOHAM as your entire focus at all times it is being practiced, during the day or – most especially – during your meditation times; strive always to ‘hear’ the ‘So’ & ‘Hum’ with your inner ears.

Just like your discriminating use of the Soham process, so also is the divine discrimination in your answer to prayer; in other words, do not be fearful you may have been errant in your ‘purpose,’ for all things concerning you will be perfected; therein lay your inspiration for control of your thoughts, followed by gratitude for such perfect guidance.

It is ideal to keep the Soham process flowing non-stop; however, ‘baby-steps’ will get you to that ideal. Take time out during the day – or several times a day – to focus only on the breath and the proper usage of the mantra, of which its purpose is to ‘weed out’ that within which interferes with your full true potential.

If stray thoughts interrupt, simply picture your brain being reprogrammed from energies above, while keeping focus on Soham and the breath. You will see – or ‘sense’ – results almost immediately, through changes in your thought processes or perhaps some other way; all souls are unique and only the ‘SOHAM’ knows what needs each soul requires for its transition.

Understand the ‘results’ of your new practice may be so subtle you may be tempted to brush it off as coincidence or some other excuse; you MUST learn to TRUST it as you watch for those subtle changes and put your new guidance into action. STUDY, for there is so much more to this life-changing practice of SOHAM YOGA than just the ‘Soham’ word; ‘YOGA’ denotes an evolving divine lifestyle . . . fear not, help comes with your sincerity!

While the practice of SOHAM is the soul’s clearing house for all destructive traits, and potentially brings them disdainfully to your attention, rest assured ALL changes will be for the GOOD and POSITIVE.

The liberated condition we all seek for our Self, though ‘presently buried beneath the debris of lifetimes of ignorance,’ WILL rise up as your inspirer and guide to the revelation of that eternal freedom. Watch for it as it subtly makes itself known in every area of your life . . . TRUST it and move forward with courage.

Sincerity in SOHAM draws to you the aid of the entire universe; KNOWING you have such a ’tool,’ and that it is entirely in YOUR hands, is your biggest leap to eternal liberation’s goal!

Let Gratitude be your alms for such a gift as you’ve been awarded in this new knowledge.

Shalom, dear ones, never give up . . . sincere effort counts!

Just Sayin’ . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

12/20/2015:    Vivika-Qi Speaks Up    

KNOW THIS, struggling children of God: Divorce, Abuse, Etc – “The place where we are is the place from which our journey begins, and not the place from which we escape. If we cannot make good as disciples where we are, and in the place where we discover ourselves, no other opportunity will be offered us until we do.

Here lies our test, and here lies our field of service. A test is something which tries our strength to see of what sort it is; it calls forth the utmost that is in us, and reveals to us where we are weak and where we fail. The need today is for dependable disciples and for those who have been so tested that they will not break or crack when difficulties come and dark places in life are encountered. We have, if we could but realize it, exactly those circumstances and that environment in which this lesson of obedience to the highest which is in us can be learnt.

Christ lived quietly in His home with His parents, undergoing that most difficult experience of home life, with its monotony, with its unvarying usualness, with its needed subordination to the group will and need, with its lessons of sacrifice, of understanding and of service. This is ever the first lesson which every disciple must learn. Until he has learnt it, he can make no further progress.

Until divinity has been expressed in the home, and among those who know us well and are our familiar friends, it cannot be expected to express itself elsewhere. We must live as sons of God in the setting —uninteresting, drab and sometimes sordid — in which destiny places us; there is nowhere else at this stage (of humanity’s evolution) in which that is possible. Born into the world of love at Bethlehem, the keynote of our lives from then on must be obedience to the highest that is in us, love to all beings, and complete confidence in the power of the indwelling Christ to demonstrate (through the outer form of our personalities) the life of love.

The life of Christ is a life to be lived today, eventually by all. It is a life of joy and happiness, of test and of problems, but its essence is love and its method is love. It leaves us an example that we should follow His steps, and carry on the work which He initiated.”  A. Bailey (And on goes the merry-go-round of same ol’ issues and lifetimes and until we do get it right! How? Start with  this: ‘Harmlessness’  – read on to next article.)

Baby steps, dear ones, and one ‘issue’ at a time, if we must, for progress is never lost and the issue then never repeated = eternal JOY and unhampered liberty! Such are the infallible PRINCIPLES of God, able to eliminate the undesirable traits of the common unevolved man, exposing the character of Christ each in our own time. REST in their dependability.

Just Sayin’ . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

11/26/10:   Vivika-Qi Speaks Up     

Dear Ones:  Too often, now, we gasp at the worldwide and local news, for all the situations that seem to flood all kingdoms on this planet – animal, mineral, human, and spiritual.  It most often seems like it will overtake the individual entities and there is nothing, or very little, we can do about it. But I want to assure you there IS a way to the very necessary and desperate change needed. I want to bring to your attention this article written by the famed Alice Bailey decades ago, regarding this vital participation by all – individually and corporately – and the power it wields for us.

Open your heart and mind to comprehend that we are not on our own in this universe and that ‘outside the blue’ of our  planet Earth, there exist forces and energies that guide our behaviors, according to our thoughts and thoughtless actions. We are responsible for ALL the conditions we find gloomy and we must also become responsible for changing them.  Let me assure you that this one quality commitment and mindset of practicing harmlessness will further the practitioner of such behavior in every other aspect of spiritual and humane endeavor.

Make this one requirement your focus and your very effort and sincerity will turn the ‘bowl of spaghetti’ of all this information into a well-paved highway . . . which you didn’t have to pave. It makes sweatless your victory in all other areas of your desire to change that which has heretofore been elusive. It will make clear each new step and embed obvious Truths of excellence and universal support upon your soul, causing great anticipation for each new victory and thereby sealing your commitment to this one simple requirement of ‘harmlessness.’   I say ‘simple,’ not ‘easy.’  

If you find some statements within this article offensive or disagreeable, simply acknowledge that moment and regard the ultimate truth of the message; we are not all going to understand this information at the same time, as progress is just that . . . progressive. Absorb and put into practice that which you can and watch the changes happen around you and around our globe. In other words, know your alternative!

Again, remember: “Sincere Effort Counts!”   Please read on . . . 

“The harmlessness to which I refer in connection with you is a state of mind and one which in no way negates firm or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill.” Alice A. Bailey HARMLESSNESS by A.A. Bailey

(1) Harmful magnetic conditions, as the result of man’s wrong handling of force, are the causes of evil in the world around us, including the three sub-human kingdoms. How can we, as individuals, change this? By the development in ourselves of Harmlessness. Therefore, study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless. Set yourself to think those thoughts about yourself and others which will be constructive and positive, and hence harmless in their effects.

Study your emotional effect on others, so that by no mood, no depression, and no emotional reaction can you harm a fellow-man. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm, misplaced or misdirected, may quite easily harm a fellow-man, so look not only at your wrong tendencies but at the use of your virtues. If harmlessness is the keynote of your life, you will do more to produce right harmonious conditions in your personality than any amount of discipline along other lines.

The drastic purgation brought about by the attempt to be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong states of consciousness . . . Therefore, I say to you at this time, I – an older and perhaps more experienced disciple and worker in the great vineyard of the Lord – practice harmlessness with zest and understanding, for it is (if truly carried out) the destroyer of all limitation. Harmfulness is based on selfishness, and on an ego-centric attitude. It is the demonstration of forces concentrated for self-enforcement, self-aggrandisement, and self-gratification.

Harmlessness is the expression of the life of the man who realises himself to be everywhere, who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love, whose method is inclusiveness, and to whom all forms are alike, in that they veil and hide the light, and are but externalisations of the One Infinite Being.

This realisation, let me remind you, will demonstrate in a true comprehension of a brother’s need, divorced from sentiment and expediency. It will lead to that silence of the tongue that grows out of non-reference to the separate self. It will produce that instantaneous response to true need which characterises the Great Ones who (passing beneath the outer appearance) see the inner cause which produces the conditions noted in the outer life, and so, from that point of wisdom, true help and guidance can be given.

Harmlessness brings about in life caution in judgment, reticence in speech, ability to refrain from impulsive action, and the demonstration of a non-critical spirit. So, free passage can be given to the forces of true love, and to those spiritual energies which seem to vitalise the personality, leading consequently to right action. Let harmlessness, therefore, be the keynote of your life.

(2) I tell you that the achieving of harmlessness in the positive sense (not in the negative) means the attainment of that step which leads definitely to the Portal of Initiation. When first mentioned, it sounds of small moment, and to bring the whole subject of initiation into such small account that it becomes unimportant. But let him who so thinks practice that positive harmlessness which works out in right thought (because based on intelligent love), right speech (because governed by self-control), and right action (because founded on an understanding of the Law), and he will find that the attempt will call forth all the resources of his being and take much time to achieve.

It is not the harmlessness that comes from weakness and sentimental loving disposition, which dislikes trouble because it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to consequent discomfort. It is not the harmlessness of the little evolved negative impotent man or woman, who has not the power to hurt because possessing so little equipment wherewith damage can be done.

It is the harmlessness that springs from true understanding and control of the personality by the soul, that leads inevitably to spiritual expression in every-day life. It emanates from a capacity to enter into the consciousness and to penetrate into the realisation of one’s brother, and when this has been accomplished – all is forgiven and all is lost sight of in the desire to aid and help.

(3) Let the “Forces of Light” flow through, and the ranks of the world servers will be rapidly filled. Let the “Spirit of Peace” use the lower nature as instrument, and there will be peace and harmony within the personal field of service. Let the “Spirit of Goodwill” dominate our minds, and there will be no room for the spirit of criticism and the spreading of destructive discussion. It is for this reason and in order to develop a group of servers who can work along true and spiritual lines, that there must be increasing emphasis upon the need for Harmlessness.

Harmlessness prepares the way for the inflow of life; harmlessness dissipates the obstructions to the free outpouring of love; harmlessness is the key to the release of the lower nature from the grip of the world illusion, and from the power of phenomenal existence.

(4) I have so emphatically impressed the need of harmlessness upon all of you, for it is the scientific method, par excellence, and esoterically speaking, of cleaning house, and of purifying the centres. Its practice clears the clogged channels and permits the entrance of the higher energies.

(5) What shall I say concerning harmlessness? It is not easy for me to show or prove to you the effectiveness of the higher aspect, spiral or phase of harmlessness as employed by the Hierarchy, under the direction of the Perfect One, the Christ. The harmlessness with which I have earlier dealt, has relation to the imperfections with which humanity is wrestling, and is difficult for you to apply in and under all circumstances, as well you know.

The harmlessness to which I refer in connection with you is not negative, or sweet, or kindly activity, as so many believe; it is a state of mind and one which in no way negates firm or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimes disagreeable action or speech, but as harmlessness and goodwill condition the mental approach, nothing can eventuate but good.”

Just Sayin’ . . .

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