pen_and_paper_2Spirit Wine Publications™ is dedicated to the purpose of presenting spiritual Truths to mankind in the best ways possible for authors Vivika-Qi, LadyJaye, and an occasional guest.  Books, specialty cards, and other products grace this website to honor God and all humanity.

‘Vivika-Qi’ and ‘LadyJaye’ are synergistic in the works you see within and outside this site bringing into the world higher energies, thoughts, and words that would spark the remembrance of the divinity in each soul.

This website was birthed early in the new millennium, by LadyJaye, and is left standing pretty much the same as in the beginning, with additions and improvements that share with site visitors her podvig, her spiritual journey, since 1994, hoping the recordings of her errors and findings along the way make the Way easier for another.

‘LadyJaye’ – and yes, no space between the two words since it denotes a gender, not an acquired title – started out with a passion for writing, as early as the third grade or earlier, procuring awards along the way and fueling her passion.  As she became a cognizant Christian in 1994, her writing took full flame in her passion for Christ, daily journaling her enlightenments . . . and her faith grew as well as understanding her own innate divinity within. 

A. Bailey states in Ponder: When the pupil recognizes practically all the time, that he is not his vehicles, but is indeed the divine Dweller within them, then certain things will be imparted to him.  And thus it became for LadyJaye. ‘Vivika-Qi’ – that’s pronounced Viv ‘ē’ ka, Qi (‘chee’) – is the spiritual name imparted to LadyJaye in just such a revelation.  It was exciting to receive and all pride and vanity rose to the surface in that delightful moment, but soon it became obvious that the name carried with it great responsibility and accountability for her continued work in the kingdom of God on Earth. 

Often it seemed overwhelming, as typically she wanted to share every morsel with her co-inhabitants around the world, until she realized the simple necessity to personally start back at square one in ‘how to live’ in the world. This time, however, she ‘stepped into the fire with the Sword of the Spirit’ – her new knowledge and more enlightenment as she followed the path faithfully – having finally comprehended that she alone is responsible for the results of her own choices, actions, and reactions; it is written in the Holy Bible: ‘I have said ye are gods . . .’ and “So,” she states, “We must act like it in putting to use the omnipresent provisions graciously provided toward that purpose.”  

It was an understanding that was the fulfillment of God’s words that one must ‘work out their own salvation.’   She had been well groomed by God for this moment in time and states: “My purpose for writing is not to titillate the worldly mind but to titillate the reader’s soul to recall its divinity.”  Stepping up to the plate of her new calling, as  Vivika-Qi, she continued to study, rising into the ‘high places’ as spoken of in Isaiah, and gleaning through revelations and epiphanies the wisdom of the ages which had been strategically removed from the original bible.  The ‘ageless wisdom’ was those Principles meant to  make all men equal, but over the ages each ruler would remove those enlightening portions. more easily keeping the ‘peons’ under firm control.  Her greatest delight is in putting all she learns into play with each day and each circumstance, proving the knowledge and principles of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings to be true and worthy of sharing.  

In being accountable, she understands and commits to the walk through the fire of the ‘first-hand path’ before she is allowed to speak and write of any of her findings to others . . . she must first ‘study, to show herself approved.’  A mystery only remains a mystery when ignorance and unbelief exist; there is no mystery where there is knowledge and faith.

On the matter of this Spirit Wine Publications™ website, to borrow a few select words from A. Bailey’s Ponder:The subjects touched upon are deep, [often] difficult to understand, and hard to grasp.  Careful reading, however, quiet reflection, and a practical application of the sensed truth, and of the intuited idea, will gradually bring enlightenment and lead to acquiescence in the techniques of the soul, and the appropriation of the Teaching. 

To each it is offered for whatever inner response it may evoke, for whatever inspiration and light it may bring.  Each soul must find out within himself, remembering ever that the Kingdom of God is within, and that only those facts which are realized within the individual consciousness as truths are of any value. Those who see a vision that is withheld from those lacking the necessary equipment for its apprehension are regarded as fanciful, and unreliable.  When many see the vision, its possibility is admitted, but when humanity itself has awakened an open eye, the vision is no longer emphasized, but a fact is stated and a law enunciated. 

Such has been the history of the past and such will be the process in the future. Every step of the way has to be carved out by a man himself and there is no short or easy road out of darkness into light.  Nothing in heaven or hell, on earth or elsewhere, can prevent the progress of the man who has awakened to the illusion, who has glimpsed the reality beyond the glamour of this world.  Where there are boundaries of any kind, where a field of influence is circumscribed, and where the radius of contact is limited, there you have a prison.

The world problem is essentially a religious problem, and behind all strife in every department of world thought today is to be found the religious element.”

Enjoy this ever-changing and ever-inspiring website in the spirit from which it is presented. May your horizons be wide and your humility great.

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5/16/14:  Read about our youngest author, Milaa, age 6;

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9/25/23:  And our newest guest author, Dr. Malcolm Fugler.

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‘Betthni Jiggs’ was a pen name that just popped up and captivated LadyJaye during the writing of Vital Elder Care Resources. It appeals to her inner light-heartedness and fun.

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‘Grami Jaye’ – with her ‘Color Me’ story e-books . . . well, this picture pretty much tells it all, doesn’t it!   gram reading to kids web 2014              


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