Reinventing the greeting card, these profound collectible spiritual rhymes are the perfect CARD & GIFT IN ONE – made for display, because – ‘It’s a KEEPER!’ 

AND NOW you can delight a loved one instantly with the emailed card fit for the occasion. Encourage them to start an email folder to hold each beautiful and inspiring card making it quickly attainable to draw on for the inspiration or heart hug needed for the moment; their own personal treasure trove of Keeper Collection Gift Cards!  Using ‘Simple Send’ it takes only seconds to send your choice on its way; no signups or memberships, only for collecting quality and perpetually encouraging words.

NEW:  Spiritual Haiku e-postcards, for the haiku connoisseurs!

KEEPER COLLECTION GIFT CARDS™ – are original considerate contemplations in Christian Orthodox by LadyJaye and Ageless Wisdom by Vivika-Qi  – meant for collecting – each providing perpetual encouragement and inspiration in their spiritual truths and paired with quality photography to warm the heart.

Made to provide a quality standalone or frameable card for proud display.

(Hard copy cards can be found only in select retail locations, not online here, except in sets. Watch here for an eventual list of those locations.)







(Please click on each card to enlarge.)


~She-Ra Inc




~Know I Know (for your loved one!)




~ Our Master’s Corona




~Forgiveness By Faith




~ One Day Closer




~ O Precious Day




~ Father, I’m Home!




~ Blessing Hunting




~ God in My Tomorrow




~ Holding The Ground




~ Treasurest Day




~ Daniel Turned His Back




~ The Lady The Witness




~ My Father’s Daughter




~ God, the Boss




~ Giggles and Wiggles




~ Giggles and Wiggles




911 Theres a Party in Heaven~ 911 – There’s a Party in Heaven








~ Happy Birthday









~ Of What Are Souls Afraid




~ Truly Free




~ Life




~ Spatial Mysteries




~ Omniscient Principle








~ Nightwork




~ Listen Sweet Soul




Outside of the card is back & front, with personal note on front.


~ Watch for new cards often! ~

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