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UPDATE 5/4/2023:
AOK INC is now a non-profit and titled:

MISSION: AOK (Acts of Kindness)

(This original Missions page is the beginning of our story, joining forces in 2003, and
 left in place for your perusal.) 

   Acts Of Kindness In the Name of Christ “Zealously affected for the Kingdom of God through acts of kindness at home and abroad.”

Acts Of Kindness In the Name of Christ (AOK INC) has temporarily set aside the becoming a 501 (c)(3) public charity to more acutely focus on helping their sister-in-Christ meet the needs of Christ’s Child Care (CCC). Official NGO status is completed for CCC and you can now make your more substantial payments directly to

EVERY PENNY donated for the ‘Fumbisi Need’ will be used specifically for that need.  Accountability is available upon formal request. You will be kept updated on the progress of this ongoing project, through this linked page. May blessings overtake you for your thoughtful generosity.  Read on to ‘Meet Maria.’

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October 12, 2014: Six-year-old author, Milaa, has pledged her book sales to this mission. A deep love and caring heart for the children of the Fumbisi Village in Ghana, West Africa, she has determined all sale monies from her book will be to their assistance. Read more here about this mission and be assured of YOUR part by purchasing Milaa’s first book and any other children’s books on the link here. Thank you!

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May 17, 2014 UPDATE:   As you can see by the map below, it is an arduous journey to return to Fumbisi, yet inevitable. The timing is God’s and we learn to accept it as we continue to strive and to grow in the fullness of Him.  Life with its ebbs and flows has taken us over a decade from our first visit to Fumbisi and I personally have yet to be able to go with Maria.  However, she has been vigorously  diligent in her ministry to the precious village with which she shares God’s heart, even as her own personal life circumstances unfold.  Please check out these links to read what’s been happening with her foundation for the orphaned children and now a church and school for the village! Take a moment to write and inspire her as well. Christ Child Care Foundation  on Facebook .

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            Mission Priority #1:     Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa

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March 28, 2009(View Fumbisi photos below and more on the links above) We are planning and praying to go to Fumbisi in October, 2009, to upgrade provisions made during the trip in 2003. Please know that this mission to Fumbisi is not just a shot in the dark or a dart on the map. We are intimately involved in this village, with the founder of this program (see info on the link above) having roots through her parents lives just before her birth in Vienna, Austria. Her father was a chieftain until his death a couple of years ago; her husband still lives there; and she has an adopted son from the village, as well, living with her in Vienna.

Maria’s heart for the children of this village cannot be at peace until improvements are made for education and the staples pertaining to life on earth, as well as love and encouragement in the knowledge of Christ Jesus. She is acutely aware that ‘but for the grace of God,’ she would be one of those needy children.

My part in this mission is stateside (America) for the funding opportunities more easily accessible and for my loyalty to this dear and sincere sister in Christ, whom God has called me to serve. Now, moving forward, the military tents placed in 2003 for temporary schools and childcare MUST be replaced and we have purposed in our hearts to build a large building this trip. It will ultimately serve a clinic, childcare, elementary school and a vocational and Bible school. The Governor of the state has pledged two elementary school teachers, paid by the government, when the building is completed. Much can happen more quickly – and less expensively – in these next few months, before we leave.

Our present plan is to get the brick manufacturing done in its own village, starting as soon as possible, as finances allow. A local company was persuaded to drill a water well in the village, payment pending funding. The next step will be to get the PayPal activated on the website and then focus on making the needs available to get the brick production under way. Meanwhile, the needs in priority standing at this moment are: 1) Funds to keep the present teachers in Fumbisi 2) Funds to pay off the existing debt for the first drilled well in the village.

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Meet Maria Sala :


The Needs of the Children

(an interview from 2009 but still holds true today, 2022)

Salamatu Maria Kanbong (‘MARIA’) was born in Vienna, Austria, but there has never been any doubt in her heart, of her roots.  Having left Ghana to live in Vienna, only a short time before her birth in Vienna, her parents struggled for many years as her father attended college and ultimately received his doctorate in economics.  As leader of their native village, his drive was to improve conditions in the impoverished area and, upon completing his education, he returned to the growing village of Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa  leaving Maria and the family in Austria. The seed had been planted in Maria’s heart, and as she grew so did the seed. 

A reunion with her father, sixteen years later, caused the seed to become a full-blown blossom in her heart, for the children of her native land.  As they visited each other, they realized the vision they both shared could finally become reality.  Meanwhile, as God improved the ‘fatal’ illness for which her father had come to Vienna for medical attention, his heart was turned to the Lord.  This was a paramount moment for the leader of a village steeped in generations of ancestral worship and occultism. 

They made valuable use of their time together, and the plans both had already begun came together and catapulted the founding of Fumbisi Christian Children Foundation. Their first trip to Fumbisi was in October of 2003, with four faithful and determined ‘stewards of God’s children’ arriving just behind the huge container that had been shipped a few months earlier. 

With a donated van, piano, sewing machines, clothes, and food, they set out to bless the village of 10,000.  Acres of land were donated upon which to build the Fumbisi Christian Children’s Center, eventually to serve as a kindergarten, clinic, school, and orphanasala article pic2ge.  Much is needed, yet, to the completion of that plan, although many souls were saved on that five-week trip; a cross was raised in the village; and huge donated tents set up to serve as class rooms, as the missionaries introduced the TRUE God.   

The interview with Calibre continues:

Calibre:  Why do you love working with children?

Ms. Maria: I have always loved being with children even before I became a Christian. I have loved them because they speak out what they feel. They seldom pretend; they are what they are; and either they like you or not. The only sad thing is that they lose much of their natural-given openness, through their environment.

Calibre:  When did it become obvious to you that you are called to work with children?

Ms. Maria:  Initially, my aim was to become a medical doctor for children, but then I was afraid by the thought that I might hurt them. When I became a Christian, I then felt I have much more to give them. I want to tell them that Christ loves them and that I feel the love of Christ for them. It is amazing the potential each child bears within themselves and to help bring that out is a wonderful gift and honor. To help guide them from the worlds dangers, through helping them realize that there is a loving Father who values them highly. When you realize how special you are, you would not throw yourself away into a bad society of drugs and other worldly perversions. It is an honor to serve children, for these children’s angels do always watch the face of God in heaven, about them. (Matthew 18:10)

Calibre: How did you get connected to Fumbisi?

Ms. Maria:  My father is a leader in the village of Fumbisi. I was only there twice in my childhood and was absolutely repulsed by its poverty. That my heart is now beating for this same area is a miracle only God can make. God gave me a clear love for the children of this area. He prepared me for it and, when my father came back briefly to Vienna and gave his life to the Lord, it was like the puzzle was put together.

Calibre: Where does Fumbisi lie in Ghana?

Ms. Maria:  Fumbisi is a village 22hrs drive away from Accra the capital city of Ghana. It is actually closer to Burkina Faso than to the cities in Ghana. It is a quite forgotten area and that’s why it is still very remote compared to other areas. I can only guess that about 10,000 people live there we had about 1,000 children that participated in our outreach.

Calibre:  What makes you think children understand what you are telling them about Jesus? Don’t you think they just follow everything one says, to get some help?

Ms. Maria: I believe children are very truthful. It is the adults who pretend they understand, out of diplomacy, but they really do not. Secondly, is it not the duty of us adults to train the children into our style of living? They depend on us to live out that which we believe in. God’s love must become the center of our training for our children. In the village of Fumbisi, they’ve never had such training. You could say they would do anything to get some food, but that is not the case. They came at any time just to spend time with us. Many came from far distances, but they came. Some had never smiled before and you could see the worry on their faces. We didn’t always have food for them, but they came, sometimes waiting hours ahead to hear us speak to them. They felt the love and wanted to be talked to; they felt appreciated that the time was dedicated to them.

Calibre:  Do you think they accepted Christ?

Ms. Maria:  You know, I am 100% sure about that! But, I also wondered at first. Here I saw hungry, abused, unkempt children; some were sick with wounds all over them. I thought, “God, what makes me think they will give an ear or their hearts to Jesus?” I had to pray long on how to make it clear to them that Jesus loves them, despite all their sorrow, and that He died for their sins.  They all raised their hands to be prayed for, to give their hearts up for Christ.

First of all, they could relate to Jesus’ sacrifice even more than us, because they have seen their parents giving sacrifices to their gods daily, from the practice of voodoo. The sacrifice had to be pure, without stain and blemish. So they understood that God had made the ultimate sacrifice once and for all and that He is worthy to receive the highest sacrifice . . . His own son, Jesus Christ.

Secondly, they felt that if someone could love them so much as to give His life for them, how could they not accept this free gift. Their response was like, “No question! He can have my life! Many people think children are too young to understand what it means to follow Christ. But I think it is actually children that can make us understand what it means to follow Christ. Jesus Himself said: “Let the children come to Me, because to such as these belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.” All over the scriptures God explains the father–child relationship He wants to have with us. We need to be open and trust GOD, like children trust their parents. They do not understand everything, but their first-most instinct is to trust and hold unto the person that they believe has power over their weak bodies, to feed them, love them, and care for them. That is how we need to be to God . . . full of trust and love, which builds up faith.

Calibre: What impacts will that make on the village itself? Will the parents approve of what you are doing? They have been worshipping these ancestral gods all this generations.

Ms. Maria:  Good question! I believe we arrived in Fumbisi just at God’s sovereign appointed time. Even the Chief cried to us that his village is being destroyed by alcoholism and hunger. What I mean to say is that we did not have to tell them, any more, that they are living under gradual aimed destruction of their surrounding and that they need a change. Already, there were a few Christians who supported us to get to a higher level in God. All their sacrifices had taken them nowhere, so their openness to hear about Christ was made very easy for us. They could see in our lives that it is Christianity that is making a difference in the world, not the worshipers of juju.

Also, my father, being one of the Chief’s Wisemen, has been a great influence to those seeing his change; and, that he is still alive after his severe sickness, made them question their lives. Even if the older people keep their hearts hardened, occultism will gradually, but surely, die out with them and allow the young to reign in Christ Jesus. We had great parades through the entire village, praising our wonderful Jesus; children and youth proclaiming Christ over their village.

Calibre: What does the future hold?

Ms. Maria:  So much that I do not know where to start! God has definitely heard the cry of His children and He needed someone to say: “Use me!”   I want to be used to bless these children of Fumbisi. The need is still so great! The village of Fumbisi is generations behind the standards other areas have achieved: No lights, no hospitals, not enough food supply, no clean water, education is low and and…..the list seems endless!

First, a Kindergarten has been started to take care of the poorest children, while their mothers are working on the farms. This gives us another chance to tell them about Jesus, at a very young tender age.

Secondly, and soon, we want to build a home for children. There is a high percentage of orphans who are not being taken care of through sickness, but also because parents leaving them to go to the city to make a better living. The children are given out to be free servants; are not allowed to go to school; and are mistreated or married off very early.

Thirdly, we also want to give the young ladies and men a simple, but effective, training that will give them a skill to help support the family. sala article pic3As you see, there is a lot to be done, which is only possible with Christ.

Calibre:  What are you asking our readers to do?

Ms. Maria:  First of all, to give Christ a chance in their lives. He is someone really worth knowing personally.

Secondly, to pray about God’s calling on their lives. God has a special purpose for each person.(Ephesians 1:4+)  We cannot know this purpose without getting close to Him. It’s like when you buy a car; you need the brochure to tell you what things the car can do. We need the Bible – God’s Word – for the same. We cannot know what wonderful treasures, gifts, talents, and plans are put into us, to accomplish God’s plan in our lives, without going to God who put it in us. (Jeremiah. 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you . . .”)

Thirdly, to speak to people who have a heart to make a change in our world, for all our children. What are we leaving behind us for them? We try to accomplish so much on earth, but are the children being made able and prepared to carry it on? Are we giving them the love, training and support they’ll need? Why are so many running to replacements like drugs, early relationships, and other worldly perversions, to fill that emptiness?

Calibre:  Are you speaking out of experience?

Ms. Maria:  Yes, I am. It is only by His loving grace that I am still alive today. There is nothing I have not tried, to be accepted, not knowing that God had all along been longing for me.

Calibre:  What made the difference?

Ms. Maria:   In 1994, through the painful experience of losing my boyfriend to suicide, I looked for “the meaning of life.” It was in that pain that Jesus stretched out His hand to save me, and my entire life was changed. The emptiness of that life I had filled with modern drugs and nightlife, ceased. What a treasure to no longer struggle to belong . . . to the black community or to the white community . . . always striving to be loved or accepted by people.

Christ’s acceptance fulfils me. I am praying to come together with people that have a calling for children and their needs; people who will pray for Fumbisi and want to be used in that village.

I stand on God’s Words for those who reach out to Fumbisi: Matthew 18:5 “Whoever receives one little child in My Name, receives Me.” And on His Words for Fumbisi, that God will “turn the curse into a blessing . . .” – Deuteronomy 23:5; and “ . . . it cannot be reversed . . .” – Numbers 23:20; and Deuteronomy 30:6 “I will circumcise (purify and heal) their hearts and the hearts of their descendants, that I will be their God and they will love Me with all their hearts . . .” Together – with God – we can make a change!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Founder and our leader in this mission, Sala, and chieftain father Moses2

(left) Founder and leader of this mission, Maria, and father, Moses, Fumbisi chieftain, together in Vienna. first-cross-raised-in-fumbisi1    




First cross raised in Fumbisi, 2003. keeping-the-deeded-property-ready-for-building



Keeping the deeded property  ready for building.

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