“We all have a purpose on this planet, in the fulfillment of the Creators Plan; to remove oneself is like removing a piece of His jigsaw puzzle!” Vivika-Qi

One website summed up most others with this (controversial) statement: “The Bible reveals that existence is not an endless cycle of life and death and reincarnation to another form of life. The Bible reveals one cycle: mortal human life, then death, then a resurrection to judgment.” 

See that website for those of you who cannot yet wrap their minds around this blog’s Ageless Wisdom Truths; we understand and still want to guide you to help. Go with our blessings!

Need help?
United States: 1 (800) 273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week  

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If you have been contemplating even the idea of suicide, this information is specifically for you. While you contemplate and plan, you MUST keep this most valuable information foremost in your head. Because what if  this ‘theory’ is the right one?

Out of great concern, much has been written by the fundamentalist Christians and well-doers about causes and scriptures and beliefs that are hoped to change the mind of the one in emotional agony. But ‘escape’ is that one’s only focus and reason can seldom penetrate such a dastardly wall, no matter how kindly it is presented or how brutal the attempted enforcement. As of yet, however, little or nothing has been written or spoken of what the greatly edited Bible used to say and what the Ageless Wisdom still adamant’s as Truth and Their desperation to get the knowledge once again to the masses in misery!

One website summed up most others with this erroneous statement: “The Bible reveals that existence is not an endless cycle of life and death and reincarnation to another form of life. The Bible reveals one cycle: mortal human life, then death, then a resurrection to judgment.” Yet, in the Teachings of Life, Ageless Wisdom Teachers know that life IS an endless cycle of lifetimes until the soul is perfected and learned what was necessary to the  fruition of their innate goal: the likeness of Christ . . . of God.

Every planet has its purpose and Earth is the planet for souls to work out their individual ‘agonies.’ You are not alone; we just handle things differently individually. Read on and absorb Their claim’s great possibility. Most urgently, make a definite attempt to recognize that if you go forward with your self-destruction and find it to be the TRUTH, there is absolutely no chance to click the UNDO button and take it back!

THIS is the Truth the Ageless Wisdom Teachers would want you to know:
‘The agony which causes a person to destroy themselves (murder themselves/suicide) is the perpetual agony in which they will abide on another plane of existence until the time which would have been their natural death on the physical plane.’
Only then are they freed up to continue the soul perfection process and return upon the Master’s  bidding to try once again. In suicide, nothing at all is gained and so much time is lost to that one, not to mention the karmic debt accrued for the grief imposed upon those left behind.’

Peace to you, beloveds.

P.S. There is so much more information that you will want to know, when this revealed truth rings true in your spirit; therefore, links are provided below for your continued research. DO your research and fill your life with the Joy of understanding and Hope that will come to fill your heart as you are freed up from the prison of mental and emotional torment. Knowledge is POWER and with it comes peace, forgiveness, understanding, and relief!  Vivika-Qi


 In the teachings of life through the Ageless Wisdom educators and in the study of the Bible, even being greatly edited, there are many examples of Christ and his views on reincarnation . . . NOT just resurrection at judgement! How hopeless for the weak and bombarded spirit who cannot seem to conquer their character flaws or for the suicide victor who chooses to ‘escape’ even knowing that resurrection and judgement will be even worse!

What a pathetically dismal attempt to console the miserable one, by offering a dead-end road. But too long, now, that’s all mankind has had to offer, caring deeply as they do for their despondent soul-beings. No longer!

There is most definitely a higher and most delightful way to approach the suicide malady. Perhaps start with information that will help guide you to know who you are and why you are here on this planet earth. Much of what you will be reading may seem foreign, yet let it mellow in your mind and spirit and trust you will be guided to your next steps . . . each soul receiving the individual steps of their own personal podvig . . . spiritual walk . . . on this planet.

It will be most beneficial for you to read what the Ageless Wisdom Teachers have already placed before us, instead of me adding more and being redundant. So here are the links on both websites for you to begin your research. Please feel free to ask questions through the comment boxes on either one so all readers may draw from it also.

I have come through the fires of life (indeed, ‘lives’!) to the understanding that we are all connected, no matter what it ‘looks’ like or seems. So I view you all as family and love you deeply, intelligently, by choice. I am not a guru and I am most certainly not perfect, but I DO wish to share what I’ve come to know, in the hopes that it will make your journey a little easier. I, too, learn much in this process, so please accept my gratitude for your participation in this, my personal podvig.

Valuable links:  Spirit Wine Publications; Vivika-Qi Speaks Up;
Free Downloads: Unhampered Liberty; Death and Disappearance; PRINCIPLES come alive through the Agni Yoga and Ageless Wisdom


Earlier writing on Suicide:

Many times throughout my youth and until my ‘big AHA!’ (spiritual enlightenment like a flash of lightening) in 1994, I suffered from depression and fear. This led to suicide ideation and several unsuccessful attempts. My last ache for such psuedo-freedom shows vividly in a song I’d rewritten, Strong Love True Love by the Judds: “I was standing on the railroad tracks just waiting to see If that fast-moving train could put an end to me…” Though never again has that dark spirit shown its head, as it has been replaced by infinite joy, I will never forget what it was like and my heart aches deeply for those embroiled in such seemingly hopeless emotion. The darkness presses down upon the soul with such fervor as to become physically painful in its crushing and relentless waves.

Don’t misunderstand, I do still have heart-breaking moments in my life, yet how I perceive them has changed. I see them now through the veil of HOPE and FAITH and have unfettered confidence that the situation will change if I follow the Principles gifted to all mankind . . . and they change much quicker than if I follow the way of the common world, i.e., in this lifetime versus a future lifetime. This has been proven to me infallibly many times and I cannot implore loudly enough that it WORKS – God’s Principles, which the Christ Jesus came to show us personally – were set into place from the very beginning and are meant for each and every soul on this planet.

As well, the Ageless Wisdom writings remind us the Teaching speaks adamantly of such a worthless, wasteful, grievous act:
Suicides – Suicide is a profanation against the heart, and the extreme limit of ignorance. (H, 592) The despair that drives them to commit this act of madness (suicide) causes the complete ebbing of the psychic energy (which is our protection on the spiritual plane) body. (FW II, 182)”and thus they are left in the power of earthly attraction. Their anguish and sufferings will last until the very date of their natural death. (LHR II, p 343) Suicide of the earthly body is the prototype of self-wounding of the fiery (spiritual) body. (FW II, 182)” In a nutshell, killing oneself in order to escape the pain of physical existence is fruitless. The SPIRIT (for it was never the physical body!) remains in that final state of agony, on a special plane of spiritual existence, until the date of what would have been the natural death of that person.

So, consider this, if considering suicide:  at least while you are alive you have a chance that such a debilitating cloud will lift and the light will shine fully in your face and life; if suicide is successful, you’ve only admitted yourself into a prison of continued soulical agony without chance of relief! And I can PROMISE you that your present darkness WILL pass, in this lifetime!

This planet earth is the planet to ‘work out your salvation’ and that means if you’re here on this planet, like every other soul present, there is karmic debt to be lived out. The quicker you comprehend that you’ve piled up those debts from previous lifetimes and the quicker you take responsibility for it and get busy and ‘work it out,’ the quicker it will pass.

Also, how it is handled and when the right attitude about it is assumed and continued, those karmic debts can be greatly lessened and even canceled, for the whole purpose of this principle of Cause and Effect is for the perfection of the soul. When it is obvious the lesson has been learned, the repentance deeply rooted, and the paradigm shift of the soul has been rightly made, then comes your ‘unhampered liberty’. . . and you will see there is nothing else like it ever, the true FREEDOM! The effort is worth it, I promise. Let that ‘effort’ be ‘Study, to show yourself approved.’   Again, always remember:  Sincere effort counts!

Infinite Joy, Vivika-Qi            (c) 11/29/15


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