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~To Support Our Goal specifically for this immediate campaign, DONATE  either or both below: ~

For the famous ‘shoe that grows with the child’ – it expands five sizes and lasts for years – donate on its fundraiser page:


Your $20-per-pair donation on the above link will be held specifically for Christ’s Child Care’s campaign completion.

Please help Spirit Wine Publications on shipping and international fees;  DONATE just below. There are also costs for printing, facility rental, postage, and other associated items; ‘postage’ includes shipping new books and greeting cards to prisons, nursing homes, and care packages to Christ’s Child Care in Ghana. We appreciate your help with those expenses and for your SALES on this site.  Thank you!


June 6, 2021:   Our dedicated priority is to help Maria (ChristsChildCare.org) build a dormitory housing the children of her girls school in Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa.  See her vision here.  The lion’s share of all items sold on this website, and speaking fees, will go to help Maria maintain and continue building her vision for the children of Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa, and eventually also in Accra. The initial need is $50K, but we will keep going as each goal is reached; Maria has plans for the same support for the street children in Accra..

Initial donations to Christ’s Child Care will go toward:
*  two community ‘dry’ bathrooms for the school @ $5K ea);
*  solar – rooftop or free-standing (approx $10K for starters);
*  water fountain (two @ $10K each); 
*  two dormitories ($10K ea); 
as well as,
*  (LATER) the land in Accra, soon bringing the same safety, privileges, and security to the endangered, abused, and neglected children on its streets.

Donations to Spirit Wine Publications™ will go toward:
*  legal fees/filings (for 501(c)3 later)
printing/mailings to prisons, hospitals, or nursing/retirement homes
*  administrative needs as they arise
*   other acts of kindness as needed

We start NOW.    


Fumbisi Project in the beginning, 2003:

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NOTE:    Payments made through SpiritWinePub.org is still officially tax deductible, you will still receive a receipt  from Christ’s Child Care Foundation (also above); see your CPA.  

For more substantial donations to Christ’s Child Care, please go here;  your monies will go directly into their foundation for immediate use toward their present needs.

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The kindness your donations portray is far-reaching and life-saving to these children . . . THANK YOU for your considerate contemplation and action toward this great and worthy project!

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