(Posted here are some pictures – not even my worst! – you may relate to, and recognize the misery which perpetually accompanies the unforgiving malady.) My father’s name was Charlie and he’d worked nearly half a century in the plywood industry. Needless to say, it took a toll on his hands and skin, in spite of protective gloves. One of my most vivid memories of him was the incessant scratching of his hands, for the itch was tremendous and he’d found little relief in lotions. Finally, upon one occasion, I noticed the scratching had gone and I inquired how he was able to accomplish such a formidable challenge. It was then he explained to me of a new product he’d been made aware of, DMSO.  “Dimethyl sulfoxide is anti-inflammatory and may be applied topically to reduce pain and swelling.” My father spoke of it in almost an awe, for its near-miraculous possibilities. It is not my purpose to educate on DMSO; it is imperative you do your own homework on it before jumping in with both feet. Yet, years later, when my own skin issue was taking a rather painful toll upon my everyday life, in a ‘last ditch desperate effort’ to find relief, the memory of that conversation came to mind and I DID ‘jump in with both feet!’ 

However, I took time to do some research on it, found a place to purchase the correct mixture, and immediately set to work to test it out with my own concoction, praying for accuracy along the way. Experimenting with doses and types and combinations of the different prescriptive and over-the-counter slathers which had helped to a small degree over the years, I finally came to a mixture that quickly seemed to work that miracle on my hands. With ‘Narley’ being a positive slang word in those days, and to my father’s credit, I hollered “Narley, Charlie!” to heaven to let dad know his part.  And so, in his honor, I introduce to you Narley Charlie – Skin Rescue.’ 

My own skin issue began in June of 2007 as I was giving a last minute quick spray of insecticide over my little garden I was leaving far behind. The nozzle came loose and started leaking, but I just kept on until I was done, changing hands midstream. It was about a week later that the miserable signs started to show up and a stream of hopeful quick fixes ensued. That went on for nearly a decade. The ‘burns’ were so bad that I lost much of the freckled pigment on my fingers and totally lost all fingerprints as they festered and fell victim to the dirge.  It took about four years to get any sort of viable fingerprint back; indeed, I had applied, trained, and passed the stewardess process for Delta Airlines but was denied when they couldn’t find a valid fingerprint on either hand!

You can see in the last picture, how beautiful and youthful my hand once again looked, after using this Narley Charlie Skin Rescue; YET those of us who are familiar with this malady, know that such beautiful healing can come in spurts. I will not deceive you, in making the claim that this is a forever cure . . . I can only tell you it was – is still periodically – my most perfect temporary cure and the interlude was the most delightful of them all. So I share it with you, in case you are ready for something new. It appears we are burdened with ongoing breakouts, once each new program has run its healing course.

For this special process, I used this formula 2-3 times a day for the first 2-3 days, wearing gloves after each application. My hands were so miserable that I couldn’t do anything but sit and read anyway, so it was easy to pull that schedule off, short-time. DMSO is the ingredient that carries the healing properties deep into the skin and it should be left undisturbed for 3-4 hours, protecting the skin from other contaminates that should  not be carried into the skin with it. (NOTE: It takes very little per application; 2 oz should get you easily through 3-4 weeks, in which you should rest from the DMSO anyway, for a short time.)

After the first few days, I was able to resume daily activities and only used the formula at night, with gloves on, so it could heal undisturbed. During the day, I kept my hands washed with a mild soap, rinsed thoroughly in as hot a water as I could stand – it helps with the itch, too! Then, after washing, I kept a quality hand cream constantly on my hands to keep the skin from drying out and cracking again, taking me back to square one! Eventually, I also recognized that the hand lotions with the word ‘glove’ in it was also a boon to protecting my hands during a busy day, without wearing gloves. There are a few in your local drugstore.

Like most others with this skin issue,  I have had to switch processes back and forth, but always return to  Narley Charlie when it gets to be too much. Research DMSO here for comprehensive information  and to understand the time limits for using it; the website is a favorite and excellent source of other health products and information.

TIP: Don’t disregard the possibility of your own skin issue as being genetic, karmic, or diet-related.

Best of health to you!

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