So! There you are again, facing a mountain of choices in the greeting card aisle. You have ten minutes left of your lunch break or maybe the family is waiting for your presence at the end of the day; maybe you are even on the way to the celebration. And you still have to select a gift as well . . . 
                     Keeper Collection Gift Cards to the rescue!

When you buy a Keeper Collection Gift Card,each with its poetic collectible consideration by Vivika-Qi or LadyJaye, your search for a gift is also done! BECAUSE . . .

“It’s a KEEPER!

(Read on . . . or click here for card selection.)

Each card is built of quality heavy card stock, ensuring it can be beautifully displayed as a stand-alone or easily framed. A totally new twist in patent pending greeting card manufacture, the card is produced ‘inside-out’ and provides side-by-side proud exposure to the beautiful artwork and the collectible poem while keeping the personal message private – and don’t we all know THAT can be awkward at times! AND . . .

It comes in a beautiful luxuriously soft and luminously white envelope. . .


TRADITION commands a greeting card with each gift and each occasion; it’s why there are SO MANY to choose from . . . and at all prices from pennies to ‘installment-payment’ costs . . . yet, it has also become ‘tradition’ to think of them as ‘disposable’ cards.

HOW DISCONCERTING! . . . to know the card will be read in a glance, passed around for all to see the personal message, and then lose its way in the cleanup or aftermath of the celebration, or simply get put away and forgotten for months, maybe years, maybe forever. Sigh. So you head to the 99-cent section. Only three minutes left of your break . . . clock’s ticking down . . . stress level’s going up . . .


and BUY 5, get one FREE – Plus FREE SHIPPING!

Cards  include choices for comforting those who have lost a loved one, birth of a child, or ‘any occasion’ cards. NEW cards are always being added! 3 p

Each specialty card is:

  • unique in formation
  • befitting any occasion
  • developed for display & collecting
  • perpetually inspiring, encouraging, and motivational

Poems by Vivika-Qi befit the forward-thinking spirituality of our new Age, while poems by LadyJaye maintain the Christian orthodox fundamental audience; all are based on biblical principles. And each Keeper Collection Gift Cardwill provide perpetual blessings of comfort and inspiration each and every time it is read.

The cost for all this convenience? You’ve paid as much for the card as for the gift, on occasion, as well as walked away feeling ‘cheap’ for the cheesy card you too often decided to settle upon.

You never have to do either again!

In this introductory offer, by choosing Keeper Collection Gift Cards, your card and gift TOGETHER is a refreshing relief of $3.99 each – or better yet – $19.99 per set of six – that’s a savings you just paid yourself, besides being rescued from the agony you’ve been putting yourself through for ages – PLUS free shipping for up to three (3) sets!

Also available is a desk set of 8 for $9.99, meant for the special little note of encouragement or appreciation to grace the desk of each fortunate recipient; each desk card also comes with its own little envelope.

There. You’re set now for the year! No more excuses . . . liberation and confidence are just a click away:


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