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June 12, 2020

Our nation’s most horrific terrorism act on our own ground, 1921.

This movie was discreetly mentioned in one of the interviews on all the protesting and I went on the hunt! This is what they were talking about as some of the ‘mindset’ of the protestors. I don’t think I want to watch the whole movie; this trailer was enough for my information and curiosity for knowledge on the subject; don’t think I need the blood and gore. But watch the 2nd video for a better understanding of the facts! Just sayin….


Here is a documentary on the MINNESOTA EXPERIENCE, 1909
Similar to above, in Tulsa, but this time mostly on paper and gives Minneapolis the present reigning title of one of the worst places in the country for the Black race to live. It appears to have escalated FROM such as this TO the Tulsa Riots in 1921. 

It might help to read the JIM CROW info below, first. Being in the South, it is a familiar term ‘Jim Crow of the South’ but I did not know there was a ‘Jim Crow of the North’…Minneapolis:

What is ‘Jim Crow’ and what part it plays in today’s ‘persecuted’ mindset even still in the Black communities. It’s short but very informative!

These four links are sufficient examples of the Black persecution around our country, seemingly ‘set in stone’ throughout the generations. If the shoe was on the other foot, how would WE react?  

These travesties MUST be resolved! I am adamant in my belief that what we are experiencing right now with the pandemic, angry mobs, political unrest, etc, worldwide is all part of the ‘clearing out’ which is necessary for mankind’s forward movement…’evolution’…God’s Plan. It’s always darkest before the dawn and history displays the truth of it.

Be sure and pass these links on where you can, it’s important – and helps – to understand the BASIS of what’s going on. We MUST NOT go one day longer in ignorance!

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How Our Planet is Affected by PRINCIPLES

BE PREPARED: See it coming 2020

 by LadyJaye (

I just want to encourage everyone to be extra prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Coming from the history of Ageless Wisdom and God’s Principles, we can anticipate it will be the greatest we’ve seen in this lifetime for these reasons:

¨ Weather, and the condition of our planet and economy, is directly related to the behavior of the inhabitants

¨ We are ruled by the energies of the cosmos AS PART of God’s Principles of Life

¨ The energies from riots and community chaos are violent NEGATIVE and DESTRUCTIVE energies and have to land somewhere, i.e., in the cosmic energies effecting weather, health, finances, etc.

¨ We have seen so many signs of those consequences already, but most urgently and blatantly through the worldwide pandemic

¨ Negative energies are energies which result from going AGAINST the Principles of God, individually and corporately; it has nothing to do with ‘religion’ but simply part of existence

¨ NOW it is added to the chaos the unnecessary and inhumane murder of millions of animals (all it takes is ONE); The animal kingdom is closest to the human kingdom, their lives cherished and greatly valued by God

¨ Even now, MARKET forces join the ranks of the ungodly negative forces via commercialism, greed, et al

¨ Don’t think ignorantly that God is ‘punishing’ us…it is ALL our own undoing AS PART of the Principles given to us for the ‘free will’ use of each Principle – for good or bad; WE can repair and even reverse damage done:   LIVE HARMLESSLY—in thought, word, and deed!

¨ Those ‘energies’ connect us all; when injury and murder abound – even once, let alone enmass – we can expect nothing but reciprocity …in every kingdom

¨Also, it is  written in the Holy Bible in Romans 13 KJV: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.  Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. ”  It submits the consequences of those who DISHONOR our leader(s) in any way; Likewise for the leader(s) who abuse his/her ‘ordination’ in any way…GOD’S Principle of Ordination is set to ‘monitor’ accordingly, intended to keep the people free from self-destruction

¨ The Principle of Cause and Effect (reap what you sow) will be a heavy burden to bear for those individuals participating in the destruction of our planet in any way.

 Shoreline friends:   Have your evacuation plans in order and any plans for if you should get separated as a family.  Although the entire planet will geographically be affected, the coastal destruction is inevitable whether or not we the good people were involved in any of those rudimentary behaviors which compiled the ‘consequences.’

Simply use wisdom, keep the faith and, as a calm ONLOOKER, recognize the scenes that will be developing in a rapid and painful parade of all that is written above and ride it out in peace.  Always keep an attitude of gratitude for the divine protection Promised as the blessed ‘consequence’ to those who CHOOSE TO LIVE WITHIN the Principles; it is the greatest healer and protection…given to us by God.

~ MORE on God’s PRINCIPLES: listen in numerical order on this website: ~

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