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A MANTRAM is a spiritual word, phrase, or brief prayer that we may repeat silently to ourselves to calm the body, quiet the mind, and improve concentration to restore the spirit; meant to assist the mantra.

MANTRA is a sanskrit term that has the literal meaning ‘protection of the mind.’ The constant barrage of careless thoughts, seemingly endless mental chatter and clutter, the ingestion and regurgitation of mindless societal opinions, and cultural biased perceptions creates an ordinary, ill-at-ease human consciousness. Mantra has the power to protect the mind from ordinary perception and delusion – the very cause of suffering.

When two or more of like-mindedness and holy sincerity, whether together or apart, unite in any one mantram, the power is unstoppable. It is written: ‘One can set a hundred (evils) to flight; two repel ten thousand!’  It’s time to tap this free divine resource!

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